Jelly Beans (3 – 4 years)

Children will begin their time in Jelly Beans around the age of 3 years old. At this stage they will transition into the pre-school classroom which is led by a highly experienced team of pre-school practitioners. When the children make this transition, they are now becoming more confident and independent learners and are eager for new and extended learning opportunities and experiences. There is no need to worry if your child is joining Nurture straight into our pre-school classroom, our highly skilled staff are fully trained and ensure that the needs of every individual child is met. The children will have the freedom to choose activities of their choice and have important part to play in planning their day. We encourage our children to be as fully involved as possible with their learning opportunities, helping your child’s confidence grow.

In the Jelly Beans, we provide a wide range of stimulating toys to encourage their development and imagination. We operate an open door system during play session where the children are free to play inside or outside with their chosen activity.

We provide a range of craft activities such as painting, drawing, chalking, sticking and support the children as they learn to hold and use pens, pencils and other writing materials. Also enjoying exploring a wide variety of t messy play tray, we use different items to explore ranging from gloop, play dough, baked beans, water, sand, cereal and anything else the children show an interest in! These activities encourage the development of the children’s exploration and personal, social and emotional development.

At Nurture Mount Hawke we spend lots of time learning in the outdoors whether it’s in our own exploration garden, or a visit to the Local Community Green to enjoy free play or our chosen activities, or taking part in walks and visits exploring our local community.

Again, each child will have a Learning Journey on Tapestry this will follow their journey and progress throughout their time at Nurture, it will include photographs of your child’s work as well as play as well as written observations on your child’s progress. We also encourage parents and carers share in your child’s Learning at home by posting photographs and comments to their Tapestry account. Please visit our Tapestry and Education page for further information.

We also liaise very closely with the local village school, where most of our children attend once their school journey begins, we ensure that the children are prepared and excited about starting their new school with weekly visit during the summer term.

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Tapestry is an easy-to-use online journal helps educators and parents to record, track and celebrate children's progress in early years education. It is vibrant and interactive and a simple way to track learning and share special moments.

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Text, images and videos can be easily uploaded via PC, tablet or our mobile app - anywhere there's an online connection. Every entry helps to create a complete story of a child's time at nursery, pre-school or school.

When children leave Nurture we can provide parents with a permanent version of their child's journal as a keepsake, either as a hard copy or on via email.

When children leave Nurture we can provide parents with a permanent version of their child's journal as a keepsake, either as a hard copy or on via email. Used by hundreds of nurseries, pre-schools and schools all over the country.


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