The Blueberry Room caters for children aged approximately 2-3 years. The children will transition into this room from our Mulberry on or around the age of 2, by this stage the children will be very familiar with the Nurture team in the Blueberry Room. When the children make this transition, they are now becoming more confident and independent learners, ready to explore further and develop their independence. There is no need to worry if your child is joining Nurture straight into our Blueberry, our highly skilled staff are fully trained and ensure that the needs of every individual child is met. Settling sessions are offered to introduce a child to Blueberry, we offer two free introductory sessions, more can be offered to suit your child’s needs.

The children take part in a range of age/stage appropriate activities and experiences. These include, craft, building blocks, the home corner and looking at books. The children especially enjoy relaxing in our cosy area with a story. We also offer an exploration tray, this allows the children to get messy and explore a variety of textures, such as sand, water, dried pasta/rice and compost. As in all our classrooms activities are planned to meet the children’s current needs and interests and will vary from week to week.

The children engage in a short group time, this includes singing and exploring musical instruments. Group times begin to encourage the children’s sharing and turn taking skills.

We encourage the children’s early independence, such as putting on their hats before going outside and recognising their own drinking cups.

In the afternoon, the children can relax upstairs into a quiet and relaxing sleep area to have a rest. Opportunities are also available during the morning session for those who may need a rest.

Again, each child will have a Learning Journey on Tapestry this will follow their journey and progress throughout their time at Nurture, it will include photographs of your child’s work as well as play as well as written observations on your child’s progress. We also encourage parents and carers share in your child’s Learning at home by posting photographs and comments to their Tapestry account. Please visit our Tapestry and Education page for further information.